Maximise growth, density, pulp yield. Delivering genetic improvements worldwide.

Gondwana Genomics is now accelerating plantation performance through long-awaited genetic marker-assisted selection (MAS).

Advanced MAS screening technology, developed through 10 years of plantation research, is now unlocking the genetic potential of trees. And it is being used for commercial growers right now.

Our newly developed next-generation genotyping platform allows for cost-effective implementation of a testing program, fast turnaround and high accuracy.

Our genetic markers have been proven to highly accurately predict tree performance and deliver substantial gains—fast. Armed with the knowledge these markers provide, you can boost your business through increased growth, density, pulp yield, energy value and disease resistance in your trees.

Gondwana Genomics is the world’s only provider of these advanced genetic screening techniques, which have been developed in Australia, the cradle of the eucalypt family.

Contact us today to discuss how advanced MAS can be applied to increase your commercial yields.

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